MicroSDR panoramic consoles, and all-wave SDR-receiver APB-101

Specification microSDR:

* Span to 192 kHz sound card is determined by the PC

* Intermodulation free dynamic range over 90dB

* Frequency range 0.1 to 80 MHz

* Rejection of the quadrature channel not less than 50 dB of "rail"

* Termokompensirovany stable reference oscillator TCXO 0,5 ppm

* Sensitivity at a consistent source 50 ohms better than 0.2 uV (BW = 500 Hz)

* Highly dynamic mixer and demodulator

* Compact size WxDxH: 35h60h10mm

* Balanced and unbalanced outputs

* High-resistance input does not load Transceiver

* Powered by CAT with PowerSDR, as well as other programs and TRX

* User can enter their frequency in the memory boxes

* Supports large tuning knob and LCD display

* Low noise synthesizer with step 1Hz

* More than 40 models of supported transceivers, including and homemade

* Select Model TRX jumpers, no soldering and reprogramming

* Can be used as a standalone receiver (no transceiver)